Ashley is the life of the party, a dazzling blend of beauty and laughter. With her stunning looks and carefree spirit, she lights up every room she enters. Her infectious smile and easygoing nature make her instantly likable, while her sense of humor ensures there’s never a dull moment. Ashley’s down-to-earth attitude, combined with her eye-catching appeal, makes her the perfect companion for both wild adventures and cozy nights in. She’s the friend everyone wants by their side, turning ordinary moments into unforgettable memories with her blend of charm and fun.

Clothed: $90 per hour
Bikini / Lingerie: $110 per hour
Topless: $150 per hour
Nude: $250 per hour
Shows: Starting at $250

Simply click the “CHECK AVAILABILITY” button or call / text 0403848683

Your waitress / model will send you a message during the day to confirm the booking. When she arrives she’ll give you a call to let you know she’s outside. You’ll need to show her where he can keep his bag and get in uniform (or out of uniform)… Once that’s done she will then be able to start the party. A good way to start off is by showing your topless waitress where the drinks are as well as giving her a rough idea on how you expected the night to be. After that, you can relax and let your waitress take over and watch the party vibe jump. For model, once she’s changed, she will jump straight into her show. Or if you’re a more tame group, you can have your waitress in the background serving drinks whilst you host your evening. Either way, a girl from Girls of Dreams will always be that cherry on top of the cake to top off a memorable night. Any questions, ask us or ask your waitress. They’re always friendly and willing to help out.